WAStickerApps – Love Sticker Pack for Whatsapp

WAStickerApps – Love Sticker Pack for Whatsapp

This WAStickerApps (app) contain Love Sticker Packs for Whatsapp App! This is a new feature in WhatsApp & you can add stickers to your WhatsApp by using this app. This Romantic sticker app contain 17 cute sticker packs & all are free to use. What are you waiting for? WhatsApp Stickers App contains all sorts of stickers ordered in different styles. We weekly update new stickers for WhatsApp sticker app.

# Your device should have Google PlayStore & Please update your Whatsapp app to the latest version before adding stickers packs.

How to use this WhatsApp Sticker App:
1. Download & install this app on your device.
2. Open the app & you can see that there is 17 rows with different sticker packs. Select one from it.
3. Tap the “ADD TO WHATSAPP” button in bottom. (Or you can touch on the arrow in the right side of the sticker pack (row) at home screen.
4. Open WhatsApp and tap emoji keyboard button near the input area.
5. Tap sticker icon in the bottom.
6. Now send your favorite love stickers to your friends!

Don’t uninstall this app:
# Please don’t Stop or Uninstall this app. Otherwise, WhatsApp will remove Stickers from it & it is a problem in Official WhatsApp App.

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Love Sticker for Whatsapp
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