PTKDev Stickers for WAStickerApps (Whatsapp)

PTKDev Stickers for WAStickerApps (Whatsapp)

PTKDev Stickers for Whatsapp (WAStickerApps)!
Funny stickers of dab dance, facepalm, bowsette and other beautiful reactions :D try it NOW, FREE!

# How use it
Stickers has available in conversation with friend ➡ emoji icon ➡ right side of GIFS on bottom.

# Know problem:
If the packs WAStickerApps disappear in WhatsApp don’t uninstall app and if happen again it’s the fault of has “battery optimization” enabled, please try disable it for stickers app and whatsapp app, see

# Award:
Award: #1 in world to add stickers for whatsapp

# Multi platform
This Stickers are available also for Telegram, Discord and iMessage on:

# Artist:
@maXfer75 & @Tanik72

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