How to Use WhatsApp?

How to Use WhatsApp?

How to Use WhatsApp?

SMS has been around for so long that it feels like one of the basics of mobile telephony. In addition to being a very smart function for its time, it has, with some dignity, unfortunately aged. The same can be said about Big Brother Mms that makes it possible to send multimedia. All about Android shows you a smarter way with the WhatsApp app.


One concern is that both SMS and MMS are reminiscent of bottle mail, you send it away and then you will have to wait (however, the same may apply to instant messaging applications if the recipient does not respond).  Another problem is that they are both adapted for the mobile network, but nowadays there is Wi-Fi around almost every corner and, for example, at coffee shops, it is also usually free to use it. In addition, mobile subscriptions with free surf are becoming more common, so perhaps it’s time to leave your old believers behind, or at least supplement them.

Get started step by step

  • After you have good service the service conditions one so you can enter which country you come from and your mobile phone number, which is verified by the app. After that, you fill out which username you want WhatsApp’s smartphone users to see on their screen. On the same screen, you also choose if you want a shortcut to the app to be placed on the Home screen.
  • When the welcome screen appears, you can do two things. One is to choose to start chatting with someone who already has the app installed. What’s really smart is that the app itself goes through one’s contact list automatically on startup and stores those who use WhatsApp. The other thing you can do is send a message to a contact that doesn’t have the app and tell them about it. To start chatting, click the pencil icon in the upper right corner.
  • When you have selected a contact, you have some options if you click the mobile settings button. You can put a background in the chat window, call the contact, or get the contact information stored on your phone. If you click “more”, you can create a shortcut that is placed on the Home screen and takes you directly to the conversation window of the current contact. In addition, you can block the contact, delete all messages, or send email to the person via one of your phone’s email applications or, for example, Gmail.


  • There are some additional features that are worth using. In the upper menu bar, there is a smiley. If you click on it, you get a list of a variety of icons that you can embroider your messages with. But the best thing is the ability to attach media. By clicking on the ”paper clip” in the top menu bar, you can choose to attach the video clip, audio files, images, the contact information from your phone’s contact manager, and one of the interesting features of one’s current GPS location. If the latter is turned off in the mobile settings, WhatsApp asks if you want to turn on the function, either via GPS or the network and automatically redirects the user to the correct menu.


There are a variety of apps that allow you to communicate with each other. One of the best, which is additionally free, is WhatsApp. It is stylish, easy to use but still filled with smart features.

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