How to use WhatsApp on PC ?

How to use WhatsApp on PC ?

How to use WhatsApp on PC ?

WhatsApp is a super smart option for sending text messages between mobiles. It is intended to replace, for example, SMS.

To use the service, search for WhatsApp in Google Play (Android), App Store (iPhone/IPad) or Windows Store (Windows Mobile)

As a WhatsApp user, you will not receive a common username and password, but the service is linked to your mobile number. The app itself is well-integrated with the phone’s address book, so you can see which of your contacts are running WhatsApp.


How to use the WhatsApp Web?

Some time ago, WhatsApp launched a web-based service, and then it was supplemented with a program both for Windows and Mac. Now you can also run WhatsApp even from your computer, which is an advantage if you think it’s messy to write text on your mobile’s small screen.

However, you still need to have the app installed on your phone, and to activate the service in the browser or application, you need to open the app and select Settings and tap WhatsApp Web. Here you photograph the QR code displayed on the computer screen.


Sometimes you may have trouble getting into the computer version of WhatsApp. It’s just spinning and refusing to connect. This is often due to the fact that your phone has gone down into sleep mode. By turning on your phone and opening WhatsApp, you also tend to bring life into the service of your computer.

In order to use WhatsApp on your computer, it must be active on mobile. If WhatsApp has been passive for too long on mobile, it also does not work on the computer. The solution is simply to open WhatsApp on mobile. Then the site will also start working.


Using WhatsApp with an application on the computer

If you plan to use this app too much on the computer, use the computer app / you can use it by downloading from. The transactions here are the same as the transactions made over the web. When you log in to the application, you will see the screen above. The application is very useful. If you plan to use it all the time, definitely install it on your computer.


After you are done with WhatsApp via the web or application, don’t forget to log out for your safety from the drop-down menu by clicking on the ellipsis in the upper right of the left field. The default is “keep log in” in WhatsApp’s computer and web application. If you are logged on to a computer other than the internet cafe or you, you should definitely log off. You can also take this precaution by removing the ribbon next to “keep session open” when you first log in.

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