How do you find people on WhatsApp?

How do you find people on WhatsApp?

How do you find people on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp account created by your Phone Number, if you don’t know phone number of any person then you can not find any particular person.


However, if you are on a WhatsApp Group, then you can easily make search on Group Participants with their Display name.

Simply Follow the steps given below:

  • First Launch WhatsApp and open the desired WhatsApp Group.
  • Now simply Tap on ‘Group Name’ from the Top to go to ‘Group Info’ directly.
  • Here you will get a Search icon (Android) / Search option (iPhone) on the top right of the participant list.
  • Simply Tap on it and enter the name of the person you want to search for.


You can, however, use Truecaller to search and then if you get the number there, use it to send message in Whatsapp.

However you must understand that WhatsApp is an IM (Instant Messaging) application service. You are comparing it with Social Networking application services.


Just like you need ‘Name’ to find someone on Facebook, you need to have Phone number to add any contact.You can find people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. But you can’t do so if you don’t have their name, username, etc.

WhatsApp directly synchronizes the newly saved number in you WhatsApp contact if user has created a WhatsApp account with that number. THAT is the only procedure to add someone on your WhatsApp IM. You can’t do that if you do not have their number.


WhatsApp is not like any other social media network like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat where you can find anyone just by their username.There is only one unique identification feature on WhatsApp and that is a mobile number.So it’s simple to say that you cannot find anyone on WhatsApp unless you have their phone number.So to answer your question, ask them for their phone number to find them on WhatsApp. That’s the only way.

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